Well, it's been light writing lately, as you can tell from the blog. What with having a new baby and being the year's turn-around time, I think I can be forgiven, at least for now. My main worry has been whether I'm subconsciously putting off the new novel because I'm afraid of starting something so big.

I finished my pre-writing on Monday. On Tuesday I went out for lunch, so I did not write. Wednesday, the baby was born, but I was in the hospital a lot of the time reading. Nothing wrong with reading, but it's not writing. I never had a long enough break to set aside some time for some real writing. Monday, back at work, I could've started the novel, but I thought I was going to have to make a run to Babies R' Us. So I didn't bring my laptop or a lunch. It ended up that I did not have to make the Babies R' Us run. But the next day, I did. So that's been no composing for more than a week. And by tomorrow, I should have all the critiques for my short story on Critters, which means I should start that so I can have another short story in the hopper.

Are these real reasons for not starting the novel, or am I just trying to stall?

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