Fairy Kingdom Sold

After the long holidays I finally got a chance to open up my e-mail and what to my wondering eyes should appear? Not one, but two acceptances for a story so dear.

There were e-mails from "The Shine Journal" and "Sorcerous Signals" in there. Of course, I thought they'd be rejections, but imagine my surprise when I saw not one, but two of them were acceptances. "The Shine Journal" just had a one-line to expect it to be published in April. "Sorcerous Signals" however, had a full e-mail and attached contract.

Of course, with two acceptances, it meant I had to decline one (and send e-mails to all the other places I had pending submissions at). How did I decide? Well, Shine Journal gives a flat $5.00 rate. SS gives a $2 flat rate, plus 60% of all donations received from paypal link on the side (which I'm going to interpret as a number approaching 0). So it seems Shine Journal is the better bet. But SS has more notoriety I think. Not only am I going to be online, I'm going to be in the print journal. There will be a bio on the site (with pic--do I have any photos where I have pants on?), and there's an actual signable contract I have to snail mail in. This seems a bit more legit than a one-line email, online-only journal that more resembles a blog.

So I sent a business-like e-mail to Shine Journal, politely declining their acceptance and hoping I can submit to them in the future. I haven't signed anything with SS yet, but I've prepared my bio (less cheesy than last time) and hopefully I'll have time tonight to send it in.

Also, one more credit I can add onto my query letter. Squee.

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