New Year's Resolutions

You know what I get sick of? New Year's Resolutions.

Mostly because I read a lot of writer blogs. Why do people do this? Am I the only one who doesn't? I guess it's because a new year has come in, people treat it as a new beginning.

In January, everybody talks about their New Year's Resolutions in regard to writing. They're full of crap inspirational sayings and "go for it" attitudes, trying to encourage the wannabes who read the blog to snag that golden ring. And then they always engage the reader by asking how their doing with their resolutions, like they give a crap.

Guess how much you're going to hear about this in February? NOTHING. By March, everyone has forgotten what they resolved to do, let alone how far they got in it. Humans are the only one who celebrate benchmarks with bells and whistles--birthdays, new year's, anniversaries (both work and marriage). Nature doesn't care. It just keeps rolling along. And there is no such thing as a good time or bad time to start a new tree, or blow a volcano, or blow a gentle wind across the ocean. It just does it. If it works at that time, great. If it doesn't, it tries again sometime later, when it's ready.

Writing should be a natural thing. Cultivated, yes, but naturally flowing. Forcing a resolution or something like NaNoWriMo just produces unnatural shit, like Chucky or those things in Alien. Don't do it. Be yourself and flow with the nature of your writing.