So Many Books, So Little Time

My list of books I want to read has increased to a sum total of thirty. You can check it out on my GoodReads profile. I try to read books as efficiently as possible because A) I like variety, and I get bored spending too much time in one universe, especially if their characters I can only stand for a story's worth (and most of them are--I'm looking at you "Wicked") and B) the more I read, the better a writer I become, and I have to give my reading time a bit of a knock because otherwise I'll vegetate with video games and movies. Some books are the "when I get around to it" books--no hurry to read. Others are ones in the immediate vicinity--library books or books I own. With Christmas, that number has jumped a bit. I believe the term is "burning a hole in my bookcase".

What I have to remember is not to read these too fast. Otherwise, it becomes about reading a book just to say you read it, instead of slowing down, appreciating the story, and learning from what the author did. I've read many books that went on too long (I still haven't stopped looking at you "Wicked") and books I read just to say I read them or felt like I had to in order to complete the story, like the "His Dark Materials" trilogy. Too many stories like that in my past, too much time wasted. But now I've got some stories I want to read, and I need to make sure I pace myself, because when you read stories you're not that into, you read faster than you need to, just to get through it.

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