District 9 is awesome. I just thought I ought to say that. I would pay serious money to have one of those giant mechs, even if I could only use it to give out ice cream.

Now that I'm getting published, I'm being introduced to the wonderful world of rights and contracts. Someone needs to make a pocket-primer on what these things mean. First serial, second serial, sub-license, electronic rights, etc. These terms mean all sorts of things, and they can be interpreted so many different ways. Does electronic mean anything electronic, or just electronic words? It'd be nice if either each magazine could have a standardized checkbox of what rights they are purchasing, sort of like nutrition facts.

I've been blogging less lately, because I've been doing some experimental writing. Trying to do something in a different direction than what I've been writing before. It's a fan fiction, so there's no real pressure, so I can write what I feel like and not feel like I need to perform to the contemporaries of the genre. I won't tell you what it is, but I'll give you hint: my wife just had a baby by C-section, and it was a long six weeks.

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