My, I mean, The Mind is Powerful

I didn't use to dream. I never really knew why, but it never really bothered me. Why should it? Then I got a new pillow, a nice big firm fluffy one.

Now I dream all the time. I don't know what causes it. Maybe my pillow before was too flat, and it wasn't allowing enough blood circulation to my head to allow me to dream. Maybe I should be thankful I didn't have a stroke. But the realization that I could dream again was wonderful.

Of course, then I stopped dreaming. Probably because my pillow settled. So now I sleep with two pillows to keep my head upright. But I have the most intense dreams. I know no one's interested in this, but they are so vivid, as detailed as any movie, with effects that rival modern CGI. Last night, I had a Prince of Persia-like dream involving a boy warrior and a girl warrior battling among pillars in a sand temple. And then there was some closing tale that was a pan around this enormous galactic museum of everything.

I'm not sure why I'm describing any of this. I think I just need something to write about. I'm sure no one is impressed with my ability to dream vividly, unless it saves me from the Captain Tripps flu (see "The Stand"). I just think it's neat that I have such deep dreams they seem like a completely whole world, much more in-depth than any movie or book could provide.
Maybe the lesson here is you can't put a price on a good pillow.