Feeling Good About the Schedule These Days

I'm feeling pretty good about my schedule these days. I've finished the short stories I planned to write during Mermaid Story's incubation period. The only thing I'm going to do before I start Draft 1.5 is to revise my Robot Takeover story, which may or may not take a long time.

But I feel really nervous re-approaching Mermaid Story. I feel like it's suffering from the same thing all my other stories had--a bunch of distorted scenes, placed in the wrong order with no rhythm. It's going to take a lot of work to morph this jagged work into a flowing story. I'm very afraid of what people are going to say once they see Draft 2. But I do look forward to revisiting the world. At least I got that going for me.

Sorry I haven't written here more, but I've got a great feature on fantasy movies coming up.

If only I could get to sleep at a decent hour.

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