Writing Better Than Talking

Here's something interesting that happened to me. My wife was trying to write a card for a friend's wedding, but she couldn't think of anything to say (and this was *her* friend). She asked me--The Writer--for some advice, but I couldn't think of anything. Until I got on her computer.

I opened up a quick Word program, and all of the sudden, my previously blank mind was able to come up with a cute little message that blended humor and heart. The weird thing is that when I was forced to come up with something to say, my tongue froze. But when I approached a blank page, it was like it all became clear. I was in my universe. I had my lightsaber instead of a blaster.

It's weird how that blank pages are better mediums for communication for me. I wish I could carry a piece of paper around, and when someone asks me a question, I could just write on it, instead of responding.