My Wife's Cake

Last year, I tried to make my wife a cake for her birthday, because A) she doesn't like ice cream cake and B) no one should have to make their own cake on their birthday.  I made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.  Unfortunately, I did not use frosting from a can.  I used it from a buttercream recipe, and I made it too thin.  So the top layer kept slipping off the bottom.  I had to fasten the layers to each other with toothpicks.  And no one wants to pick toothpicks out of their cake.

This year I made a zucchini cake because we have a ton of zucchini in our garden and need to do something with it.  It's exactly like a carrot cake, but with zucchini instead.  Everything went much better this time.  Except I forgot the cinnamon.  Cinnamon is rather a essential ingredient in a cake like that because its dependent on the spice for flavor.

So apparently every year, I screw up my wife's cake in some way.  Lovely.

Anyway, love you, honey.  Happy birthday.