Writing Is Getting Less Fun

These days, the writing is getting less fun. Lots of struggle for no reward. I haven't sold a story since Influx Capacitor, which was in March. Black Hole Son has been sent to 30 agents, and only one garnered a positive response. Granted, I said before how Black Hole Son would never be published so this isn't totally unexpected. But still, it's disheartening.

It's not certain why things aren't selling, and earlier they were. Maybe it's economy. Maybe it's summer--for some reason everything slows down in the summer. Maybe too many people take vacations. Maybe everyone just sucks (sorry, that's the cold talking, most people don't suck, but for those that do, you know who you are).

Not to be a negative Nellie (hi Nellie!), I will say that I've gotten a rise in my FanFiction.net reviews lately. Again, I don't know why. Maybe it's the summer, people have more free time to read fan fiction. Maybe Milk & Honey has raised some interest in my other works. A lot of people are declaring its praises, even though it was only meant to be an experiment in erotica writing. And all the good erotica bits are taken out in the FanFiction.net version. It's also my first shipper fic, even though I'm not a believer in ships outside context.

Ah well, back to the query wheel.

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