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I'm not too far into Mermaid Story, but I'm working on it. Progress is slow but steady. I shall persevere.

Getting feedback on Centaur Story. From glancing at the e-mails, seems like reviews are good, just needs some tightening up. Hopefully, the feedback will tell me what to tighten up.

I think Black Hole Son query letter V4 is ready, and I can start submitting that again. It wasn't getting any positive responses, so I put it under the gun again. Now I've got something that's tighter, but has less plot.

In other news, today, I was thinking how useless the radio is. Just play some goddamn music, quit your DJ yapping. No wonder iPods are becoming the preferred music these days. Especially public radio. You don't even pay your DJs, what makes you think we need to hear them? I'm listening to the classical music station, I don't need to know how Handel took five days to write this symphony or how beautiful the violins are. You're ruining my ambient music listening experience. Just play some songs, bitch.

And news, weather, traffic. Every station plays news, weather, traffic. News, weather, traffic. Oh, how will our listeners survive without news, weather, traffic.

First of all: news. I'm in my car right now. There is no news that's so devastating that it can't wait till I get to my house or work, or wherever I'm going, at which point I will have access to a TV, computer, or something else where I can get full details with visual and auditory feeds. Not even 9/11. I would only need to know about that in an immediate way if I was in New York, or I was flying, and then the authorities would obviously let me know.

Weather? I'm IN MY FREAKING CAR. I don't need to know the weather, I can SEE OUTSIDE. I've got a temperature gauge in my car. And there's under a 2% chance I'm going any long distance. So if there's a tornado coming, I'll have been informed beforehand, or I'll be where I need to be before it hits.

And traffic? Look, I've never changed my direction, route, or destination because I've heard something on the radio. There could be a 20 car pile-up ten yards away, and I wouldn't change. Why? Because A) by the time I get there, it's impossible for me to change routes B) I wouldn't know what route to change to and C) said route direction would probably not be as fast as just waiting through the accident. I've tried this. I've tried alternate routes to avoid morning and afternoon traffic jams. The results are that the direct, clogged route is still the fastest. Even though you might be banging your head against the wheel to get people to move a foot.

So radio, just play some songs already. Or I'm going to have to get out my MP3 player and listen to some non-FCC regulated, no-commercials, skippable podcasts that you can't hold a candle too. Especially if you play one more Lady Gaga song.

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