John Cleese (the best guy from Monty Python) Talks About Creativity Best Practices

Here is John Cleese, the funniest guy from Monty Python IMO, explaining how he analyzed his creative process, and what it needs to flourish.

The two main points he makes are that you need boundaries of time and boundaries of space. Basically, this means you need to separate yourself from the world for an hour or so and write, without interruption. Interruption is devastating to the creative process.

I agree with the points he makes, because I've found his advice true from experience. Ever since I set up a designated time each day to write, my writing is improved. When I write in a quiet place away from people, I write well. But if I'm upstairs in the family room, even if the TV's on and even if I'm just revising, my quality takes a noticeable dip. So heed the words of the minister of silly walks.

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