My Fantasy Football Team

This is my Fantasy Football Team.

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It sucks.

I mean seriously. I've got a good team here. Eli Manning is my QB. Ray Rice is my primary running back and Andre Johnson is my good wide receiver. But tight end scored almost as many points as them combined. I got the second lowest score out of my ten-team league. The person who has five people from the Vikings on their team 
did better than me.

Is it me, or is it my players? Did I not pick good people? My two best receivers, the two most important positions in the team, totally flunked with piss-poor performances. My Saints kicker missed two point-after attempts. My safety got almost as many points as my two running backs. My QB got half as many points as his brother.

And the sad thing is, I'm not projected to get more than 200 points AGAIN this week. And my opponent is. I thought I was guaranteed a win last week. And this week, I have to go up against the commissioner, the one person who knows what she's doing.  Can't we put some Smash Bros. into this game or something?  So I at least have a chance?

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