Dungeons and.... mostly Dungeons

Am I truly such a nerd that this keeps me entertained?

This is the first of 10 parts of the epic D&D adventure of Acquisitions, Inc, and their quest to save their fallen friend from the depths of stygian hell. Yes, watching some nerds play Dungeons and Dragons was more entertaining to me than watching most of the movies I've seen in the past few months. Why?

Well, because they're funny, for one thing. This is the type of humor you don't see at all anymore. Funny movies, what are they now? The same tired stereotypes and cliches. Raising a baby from a man who's a baby himself. People getting stoned. Teen sex. All stuff we've seen a hundred times before.

But nerds making inside jokes, that spontaneous flavor, the camaraderie and the antagonism among all these people. It makes for great drama, great story, and hilarity to ensue. That's why I want to learn Dungeons & Dragons. That's why I want to be part of this world. The more I see these Penny Arcade D&D games, the more I want to join in.

I think I would be a pretty good dungeon master too. That's the sad part. I think I would be good at creating cheesy, dramatic stories for people to go through. Of course, I need to go through the ropes first and pay my dues, be a playable character and all that. The problem is I have no one to play with. No one is interested in trying out this new thing with me. The closest people to me is my wife who is doing crocheting now, and two toddler girls. Not exactly good gaming ilk.

Nonetheless, I'm going to ask for the Red Box for Christmas this year. I don't know what I'll do with it. Maybe I'll have to store it for sixteen years until my daughter's boyfriend comes over and we can play. That is, if I haven't shot him in the face yet.