I May Hurt Someone

Now that my personal friends know about my blog, it may be time to explain some things. I may say things that not everyone agrees with. I may say things that are politically incorrect. I may say things that are offensive to some people (I've already pissed off one magazine that I can't ever submit to again).

I am hardly a perfect person. But everything I say here is the truth, at least in my eyes. Some of the things I say are wrong. Some of them are right. Some are right and no one knows it. But it is my truth. The truth to me is opinion to everyone else. And this is fine. This is the way it's supposed to work. To the holder, opinions are often indistinguishable from facts, because both are true.

Some are unpopular opinion. Some have no answers. For instance, someone might have balked about my comments about the plentiful boobies in my Renaissance Fair write-up. I don't know why. I like boobies. Men like boobies. Babies like boobies. Women like boobies (or at least they should). There's no losers in this situation (unless you have breast cancer, in which case I'm sorry. I'll light a candle for your boobies).

And sometimes shit just comes out of my mouth that I've never even heard before (like above).

My point is this. I am a writer. This blog is my training ground and words are my swords. I do my practice in here, so I can use my sharpened skills out in the field. If you stand too close to where I swing my swords, you may get cut if I make a wrong move. I'm not saying to not take what I write here as facetious. But don't think of it as covenants in stone. Think of it as Play-Doh animals.

I'm just this guy, you know?