Hey, Look at My New Widget... I said LOOK AT IT!

Why, look what's above this post! (assuming you're reading this from the web site)  It's a new, nifty random quote generator.  It refreshes with a new quote each time you refresh the site.

Over the years... lots of years... I've collected quotes that are true or wise, at least to me.  There are 254 quotes in the widget above.  Some of them are even by me.

I used to put them at the end of diary entries, rather than a signature.  But since I no longer keep a diary (writing stories and this blog fulfill that need), I've kinda stopped collecting quotes.  But they just sit there stagnant.  And wisdom should be spread.  So I created the neat little randomizer at the top for your enjoyment.  Hopefully, it'll work without bugs.  Some of those quotes are long.

And no, it's a not a feeble attempt to get page views or ad revenue.  I have no ads, and I can distinguish unique visitors.