For My Fellow Parents

Someday I will be able to leave my remotes on the table.
Someday a whole day in my house will go by without anyone crying.
Someday my Bill Cosby impersonation will be appreciated.
Someday I will be able to eat a snack without anyone asking for some of it.
Someday outings will not need to be scheduled around nap times.
Someday will be the last day I have to look at someone else's poop.
Someday I will go downstairs and no one will care.
Someday I will go to a restaurant and everyone will eat the food that the restaurant provides.
Someday bedtime won't be a ritual.
Someday everyone in the house will speak perfect, understandable English.
Someday I will ask a question once and get an answer once.  No need to repeat myself.
Someday I will be able to watch a movie in my own home, whenever I want to.
Someday there will be a dinner for the whole family that does not include all the food groups.
Someday I will be able to stay awake for Saturday Night Live.
Someday bibs will only be used when eating lobster.
Someday we will have lobster.
Someday the dishwasher won't have to be run everyday.

Someday my kids will be grown up.

But until then, I'll enjoy watching them do so.

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