I Can Be a GoodReads Author

One of the nice things about being in the Roll the Bones anthology is that I am now in a book. A book with an ISBN number, a cover, and everything. This means that I can be listed on certain sites as an anthology author or co-author, in some cases. One of those sites is GoodReads, which you can see, I'm a member of on the left.

But now I can also be listed as a GoodReads author, and it's nice that they make this so easy. I just sent in a notice, and they have to review my application and such. I'll be able to add a photo, create a profile, and probably do lots of other things that'll make me feel like a legitimage author. Which I really need right now, because it's rejection city over here in AuthorQuest-ville. I've come to the part of the quest where I need to grind in order to level up.

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