Onto the What If Book

Since I'm waffling between pre-writing for two novels, it's now time to move onto the What If? book. This is a book that I got in my creative writing class in college that I kept. It contains various writing exercises for writers that I intend to use for practice/pre-writing for Healing Mage Novel.

Many years ago, I went through the book and did each exercise in the book -- one per lunch hour -- with just random exercises, nothing related to a book. But I marked the ones that were good/useful/weren't boring, and I'll be doing just those for this pre-writing.

I'm probably doing too much pre-writing for these novels, but I'm real hesitant on doing any composition, and then having to let it sit while I do re-work on Merm-8. Besides, gotta get through my million bad words.

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