Still Going

I didn't die, in case I scared anyone with my sick entry, and then the lack of updates. I'm still getting headaches, tiny ones, but they're inconsequential.

I'm not writing any short stories right now, like I usually would be while people are critiquing my novel. I'm doing something I probably shouldn't be doing -- working on other novels. The thing is I'm just not a short story author. They're asinine, hard to read, hard to get into, and hard to get right. And the fact is, no one much cares about short stories anymore. At least not commercially.

So I'm doing pre-writing on two potential novels. No composition yet, I'm going to try and stave that off so I'm not writing two novels at the same time. The bad part is that it looks like the people critiquing my novels are nowhere near done yet, and they've been at it for weeks now. I may have to start composing something, before I get Merm-8 back.

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