Where's the Sex in The Hunger Games?

This'll probably get some false positives on the google searches (sorry), but I had to mention this.  I saw this on Top Ten Most Challenged Books of 2010.

What?  Where the hell was The Hunger Games sexually explicit?  There wasn't a single sex scene, no nudity.  Someone needs to tell me where that part was, because I sure as hell want to read that part again.

This is why censorship sucks.  Because these mother-hen "concerned parents" always have their heads up their asses.  They never read the book in question, and if they do, they always misinterpret it, take it out of context, or never understand the context that it's in.  They're different worlds away, and it is not their job to determine what my kid can and can't be exposed to.  That's my job.

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