Disney Princess Warriors

Somebody please, please make a comic or video game or something out of this:

Can you imagine it?  Aurora the wrestler, master of grappling and judo.  Tiana the gunner, firearms expert with military training.  Pocahantas, traveled North America to learn the fighting arts of the Crow, Apache, Comanche, and so on.  Belle the kickboxer.  Jasmine has the backing of middle eastern bedouins and deadly with a scimitar.  Ariel, imbued with superhero-esque qualities due to her magic, including armor and trident weapon.  Snow White, a boxer from the mean inner-city streets.  Cinderella, a blade-woman who's always got a weapon tucked away somewhere.

Someone's gotta run with this.  Please?

Source: joshwmc's Deviant Art

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