Merm-8 Revision 3 Finished

All right!  Barely a week after I complained about the revision taking so long, I actually got done.  I'd go out to celebrate, but I have a cold and taste is at a minimum right now.  I'd rather wait and enjoy it.  I can't even taste the beer I made right now (more on that later).

It's a pretty good revision too.  I even managed to reduce the word count.  My artifacts weren't that bad, and most of the changes took place in the beginning.  That might've been because I ran out of steam, or it might've been because my writing improved.  I know what prefer to believe.

Now the question is do I let it incubate, or do I run my macros?  I'm pretty exhausted from staring at this manuscript for a few months.  But do I want to do it while it's still fresh in my head?  Or do I want to let it incubate and come back to it fresh?  Which one is better?

Because as I do the macros, at this point, there are so many that my eyes tend to cross.  The macros are nearly entirely mechanical and stylistic in nature.  Things like highlighting adverbs, sentences that start with the same word, digits that should be written out, and so on.  Some require some hard thinking.  Some don't.

Ah well.  This post is more to establish the benchmark.  Onward!  Excelsior!