As you can tell, I haven't been doing well with keeping off the Internet these days. Perhaps more so, I feel like I've been in a rut. Except for my designated time at lunch, I haven't been doing any writing. Of course, that's why I have my designated lunch period.

Maybe the autumn allergies are getting to me--I wake up every morning with a runny nose and grumpy demeanor. And haven't been getting proper sleep because one kid has a nightmare and the other coughs all night. I'm starting to get sick of revising Merm-8, just because I've been working on it for... how long? (checks blog entries) Started integrating critiques in July and started revision 3 in August. Maybe I'm getting a little sick of the universe. Not that I hate it, but I find myself drifting towards the universe I'm making for future stories.

Some days I'm more in love with the idea of writing than the actual writing. My ideas exist perfectly in my head, and when they get down to paper, they change. Ever so slightly. But the mood I expect to project comes out wrong. Sometimes I dread the actual composition process, but once I get into it, I don't mind it so much.

I haven't written any short stories meant to be published since I stopped working on that 50 foot romance story. I'm not sure why I'm avoiding that. Maybe because it's harder? I'm sick of keeping track of the rejections?  Maybe I'm not getting enough encouragement to continue?

It would be nice to get some positive feedback once in a while, but that's the life of a writer.  You've got to do it for yourself above all else.