Hey, all you rhino poachers.  You know how you keep killing rhinos to get their horns so you can sell them on the black market?  You know, you don't have to actually kill any rhinos.  Just fake some white powder and leave the rhinos alone.

It's not like your consumers are going to know -- they didn't actually see you kill the rhino.  And it's not like you believe that rhino horn is a real thing -- you just want the money.

And there's no test to find out whether what you've got is pure unadulterated rhino horn.  It's not like you can test its pH balance with a little strip of lemon juice paper.  It's not like a drug deal where you take a little of it first to see how pure it is.  And if there is, rhino horn is just keratin -- same thing your fingernails are made out of.  Just use that.  It's a placebo anyway -- fake or not, it's effectiveness is based on psychology.  So leave the rhinos alone, 'kay?

I just thought of this this morning.  And this was before I saw this article.

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