Stories Someone Should Write: Pinocchio Grows Up

Everyone knows the story of Pinocchio.  Wooden puppet gets turned alive, and wants to become a "real boy". Presumably so he can masturbate.  I've seen the movie and read the book.

What I wonder is, what happens when Ol' Pine Eyes gets his wish and becomes real.  He's still only got about eight days of reality under his belt.  It's not like much has changed since then.  He didn't really learn wrong from right.  He learned heroism and sacrifice, but not much about morality.  He's still the same old cigar-chompin', stage-actin' boy we all know and love.

I'm sure there's a lot more story after Pinocchio becomes human.  Maybe the fox and cat can't talk to him anymore.  Maybe he does something about the existing wooden puppets that he could talk to when he wasn't human.  Maybe he's got other powers besides nose-growing.

I'd love to see a story that starts with an old man on a bed, talking to his grandson, where he tearfully confesses that he is Pinocchio (a la Hook) and the story recants his growth from automaton to humanity.  That would be pretty awesome.

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