Featured Fan Fiction: The Complete Set

Well, I've finished my Featured Fan Fiction series, so here's the complete set. If you need more to whet your appetite, try looking at the authors and stories I've favorited on FanFiction.net. There's more there than what I've featured, and it's all worth a look.

-The Intro

-Mortal Kombat: "The Coming of Winter"

-Final Fantasy VIII: "Sowing the SeeDs"

-Final Fantasy VII: "Sunshine in Winter"

-Neon Genesis Evangelion: "EVA-R"

-Final Fantasy VII: "Devotion"

-Final Fantasy VIII: "Crimson Lies"

-Trigun: "When Dreams Change"

-Final Fantasy VIII: "Balamb Garden's Yuletide Vacation"

-Final Fantasy VII: "Deus Ex Jenova"

-Neon Genesis Evangelion: "The One I Love Is..."

-Final Fantasy VIII: "Castles in the Sky"

-Mortal Kombat/Tekken: "Ashes of the Phoenix"

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