Merm-8 Is Finished

Boy, you'd think I'd make an announcement like this on time...

I finished the manuscript for my latest novel, Merm-8 (tentatively titled until a publisher tells me to pick a better name), on Friday, December 23, 2011.

Still a few things I gotta do before I start sending it out.  One, I have to finalize my query letter and list of potential agents.  Two, I gotta wait until after New Year's because no one's going to pay attention to anything work related until January rolls around and the holiday hangover.  Three, I need to write a synopsis. Lots of agents ask for one up front, of varying lengths (one page, 2-3 page, 3-4 page).  Plus I have to format varying formats of the manuscript for e-mail, in three, 10, and 50 page forms.

Granted, it's all meta work, and it should be fairly easy, so I should be able to get it done before January.  Gives me plenty of time to figure out what to write next.