Hot Girls You Don't Know About: Jessica Frech

If you watched TV during the holidays, you may have seen a Hyundai commercial featuring a cute brunette with a big white guitar. It's no great song, but it's a bit of an earworm. You might have thought she was annoying, or just didn't pay attention. But if you're like me, you became entranced with her goofy smile, her quizzical eyes, and her melodic singing. And you wanted to know more.

This girl is Jessica Frech. The Hyundai commercial was my first exposure to her, but she actually gained notice from her music video "People of Walmart". It's strangely unrelated to the Hyundai commercial, even though it's in the same style.

She reminds me a bit of Lindsey Stirling in that she plays music and loves what she does. But the difference is, she's also funny. She dresses up in different characters, all her songs are humor-based, she takes requests/challenges from the audience. Plus I love her singing voice. It's not quite a country twang, but there's lots of "ah" vowels in her voice. And it adds to her charm.

You can find more of her at

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