New Comment Moderation Policy

So yesterday I went for some new supplies hammer. It wasn't easy -- you need to find one that fits your personality. John Scalzi has the "Mallet of Loving Correction",

so I clearly can't duplicate that. The store I went to has a pretty nice collection, but most of them didn't fit me.

Too small

Too big

The salesman told me this one was used by a little, old Outworld emperor who only used it on weekends.

Too cheap 

Too expensive

Too springy

What the hell is that?

Okay, now really...

Come on, what kind of salesman is this? I thought he'd know his hammers at least...
He chased me out of the store.  As Stephanie Tanner would say, "How rude!"

Anyway, this is all my way of telling you that recent events have forced me to consider a comment moderation policy. I'm a big supporter of free speech and that you should have the ability to say what you want -- that's what makes this country great. You may not have noticed, but I do have some moderation control settings on, but they're mostly checking for spam. I allow anonymous comments. I do not filter comments, except for older posts. But so far, I have published every comment that's come toward me, and deleted none. I allowed some very nasty things about myself through that I didn't have to.

That will now change. Here is the new comment moderation policy.

Comments that do not offer constructive feedback will be deleted. This will include meaningless positiveness or compliments or "Me too!"s.

Comments that are simply name-calling, yelling, or insults will be deleted.

Comments that demonstrate a lack of reading the actual material will be deleted. For example, in this post someone accused my Soul Calibur IV picture of being offensive. My response is: duh. That picture is meant to demonstrate a bad example of femininity. If that person had read the preceding paragraph, he/she would have seen "When people point to good examples of female protagonists, they point to Alyx [from Half-Life 2]. When they point to bad examples, they point to Soul Calibur IV."

Comments that offer "why"s and "how"s will be accepted.

Comments that ask for clarification or misinterpret something obvious will be accepted. And will usually be commented on or answered or corrected.

Comments that offer new information, helpful resources, experience, or amusing anecdotes will be accepted. I like stories.

I still believe in free speech, but I control this blog. And I don't want it to be filled with "noise" and negativity. I want it to be a good place. I'm looking for feedback. Everyone say hello to the new ban hammer.

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