Twenty Minute Stand-up

I can't remember where I heard this -- I think it was on Wil Wheaton's tumblr.  But there was something that said if you work at a desk job, like I do, you should stand-up every 20 minutes.  This will mark a change in your physiology, mostly because man isn't meant to sit for eight hours at a time.  Something to do with blood pooling maybe?

If anyone knows if there's science behind this, I'd love to know.  But I could do worse things with my body than stand up every once in a while.  The difficulty is that there's no way I'm going to remember to do that, unless someone tells me.  Nor will I be motivated -- I'm comfy, dammit.

But I'm a programmer, so I made a nice little miniware program that goes off continuously every 20 minutes with a pleasant reminder.  All I need to do is stand up and sit back down.  (Yeah, I guess this is a humblebrag post).

So far, one day gone, not noticed a change.  Although, I'm not sure what change I'm supposed to notice, or how long until I see those results.  If something does happen, I'll let you know.