I haven't made a post in more than 10 days and I feel bad about that, but I really don't have anything to talk about.  I send queries, I send short stories.  I get rejections, and maybe I sell one.  I'm working on writing White Mage Story/Defender which is going to be way longer than it should be.  I have blog posts in the hopper, but

I don't know how writers can do it.  Maybe they pay more attention to goings on in the world than I do.  It's not really that I'm dry for things to write about, I just don't feel like writing them, or I need to space it out more.

So just to let you know I'm alive, here's a funny tidbit.  In the car this morning, I realized the "game" in "The Most Dangerous Game" refers to hunting (as in gamecock), not the game of cat-and-mouse/chase/eat or be eaten that's taking place in the story.