I think I have a strong stomach. I've seen people eat weird shit. I've seen a few episodes of Fear Factor and Survivor where they're eating cockroaches and spiders. I've seen lots of horror movies and Japanese pornography. I'm no stranger to gooshy visuals.

But for some reason I have never been more nauseous looking at sketti from "Honey Boo Boo".

Starts at 2:54

Sketti is made with noodles, ketchup, and melted butter patties and I am getting ill just writing that. There is nothing more indicative of trailer trash than the food one eats. I thought it was bad when I saw Britney Spears dad making "cheese grits" in his trailer, using Kraft singles, because he "don't got no sprinkle cheese" (which is shredded cheese, I guess). But that didn't make me ill, just disappointed in humanity.

This one does both. And I can't keep writing this or I'm going to throw up.

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