You ever have one of those days where you feel like you need something, but you don't know what?

You're not thirsty, you're not hungry.  Maybe you had too much coffee or too many pretzels and your body's full of unbleached flour.  Maybe the sushi you had for lunch was a little heavy on the seafood sauce.  Maybe you didn't get enough sleep last night, or too much.

You're not even sure if it's your body that needs something or your mind.  You spent all day reading or looking at pictures of snake-women (it's research for the book, I swear!), but nothing very stimulating or rewarding or challenging.  You basically sat and waited for the day to be over, tinkering out a few keys now and then.

So you get home and you're standing in the kitchen, staring into space, trying to figure out what you want to do/need to do to get rid of this icky feeling.  You don't want to eat anything because you don't need the extra calories and dinner's in a few minutes.

Oh, sorry, did you want a conclusion to this story?  Sorry.  Instead, here's a picture of a lamia.