Top 10 Celebrity Nipples

From now on, I think I'll just title all my "I'm not dead" posts as link bait, because if I need to search for posts, it doesn't do me much good to have everything in the list titled "update".

Yeah, I know, using work as an excuse is kinda lame, but it's the truth.  At least I'm doing something I like now, something that keeps me busy and interested and I'm learning new things.  The writing is going well, still working on draft 1.5 of the White Mage Story/Defender, and it's not too hard, as of now.

To tell the truth, I wish I could write a better entry now, but I've had the strangest dream yesterday.  It was like a lucid dream, where I was still semi-conscious, but my brain was playing out a movie.  And what a movie, it was like a post-apocalyptic comedy.  Like "Idiocracy" and "Borderlands" but stretched out into a seven-hour epic movie.  And since I don't think I ever really entered REM sleep, plus that my body is sore and achy from working out, not at my cheesiest macaroni and cheese today.  Hopefully, I'll be better soon.

But the only way to kickstart writing is to write.  No amount of coffee or pick-me-ups are going to force your hands onto the keyboard and do the tippity-tap thing.  Tired or no, I cannot let myself fall too far behind.  That way leads to sloth and things not getting done.