Top Posts of the Year

Top Posts of the Year

Hot Girls You Don't Know About: Morgan Smith Goodwin (The Wendy's Girl)

Once again, by a large margin, the Wendy's Girl gets all the page views. I spin the cocoon and the butterfly gets all the reviews. I must be the only person in the world with pictures of her. And all I did was an image search. Come on guys, doesn't anyone want to read about fish sandwiches or Fraggle gender?

Analyzing the Disney Villains: The Intro

Geez, I started making these in 2011? I better get these done. At least you all have a nice directory to start with.

The Books I Read: July - August 2012

I'm not sure why this was a top pick, except it has three popular books within: Ready Player One, The Fault in Our Stars, and Redshirts.

Top Posts that Were Actually Released in 2013

My Top Five Favorite Porn Stars: Internet Edition (A.K.A. The New Guard)

Well, duh.

My Top Ten Favorite Robots

I'm glad this post was so popular. People love robots. I love robots. We should get together and make robots.

Hot Girls You Don't Know About: Emily Ratajkowski (the girl in the Blurred Lines> video)

I'm getting the sense my audience likes pictures of pretty girls. But that could just be me. Not like I have a team of analysts and data miners here.

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