Worst 3 Books I Read in 2013

I like how she's holding it up by her pinched fingers, like a piece of refuse

The Girl Who Became a Beatle
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I had originally taken this book off my to-read shelf, then put it back when I saw it was at my local library. I should have left it off. It's so uninspiring and meaningless.  It has nothing to do with the Beatles. The main character encounters no obstacles, then decides to give up her great life because a Disney ending demands it. I hate books that have a great concept but don't use it.

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Speaking of great concepts never used... I also read Loss this year and could have put it up there. But Breath really cemented it. I already set myself up to be disappointed, but Breath annihilated all my expectations.  It was so boring, so uneventful. Devoid of any sympathetic characters.  Two people whining on a balcony. Seriously.

The Casual Vacancy
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The book is just boring. It's a long epic about douchebag families, either in poverty or not, with petty problems.  It feels more like one of those PBS soap operas imported from England. The text just goes on and on and on and nothing happens. Plot threads are left hanging. There is no turning event until halfway through the book.  And it's a long book.  It's not like I was expecting Harry Potter.  But you'd never know this was written by someone with her own theme park.

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