Do you know what I'm writing now? Outlines. You know what for? Fan fiction. Know what it's about? Disney princesses. You know why? I don't. It just seems to be where my brain wants to go right now.

And I'm going to let it, because the short stories have been a disaster lately, and I have nothing to right. When I look at my list of potential story ideas, I just see a bunch of dead ends. Cool concepts, but nothing really fleshed out. Nothing that says "This is something that could appear in Clarkesworld or Asimov's". It's just goofy shit that's not fun to write. I don't even feel like writing "Gun x Sword" anymore. I've reached the point near the climax where it feels like drudgery to get to. Where the story falls apart at the seams.

So what then? Princesses. Sure, why not? It seems to be what I want to write right now. Sometimes it's better to let a story pour out of you than trying to force something. Besides, writing should be fun. And if it's not fun, then there's no reason to do it.

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