Merm-8 Is Released

What's that?  You say you have nothing to read?  Well, here's something that might catch your fancy.

Why, yes, this is my book.  Merm-8 is a book that you can purchase and also buy.  It's mostly used for entertainment, but if you have some bytes on your flash memory drive that need feeling, then this will absolutely keep them occupied with important ones and zeroes.

But say you do want to use it for its intended purpose.  What would you find if you open the book?  Well, many of the same words and letters you're used to.  Just in a different order.  But if you read the words in that order, they form a narrative that describes a linear time frame.

But what's in that linear time frame?  A series of events, involving characters and settings that, according to the Many Worlds theory, have already happened.  Future events such as these could affect you in the future.

Oh, you want a summary.  Here you go...
The Earth is almost completely covered with water. Most of the population has been driven out to corporate-owned Seaplexes -- artificial islands glutted with poverty, commercialism, and organized crime. 
Gene is a freelancer with a ship, hustling salvage and smuggling jobs -- artificial islands glutted with poverty, commercialism, and organized crime.  He's traveled everywhere with his AI companion, Stitch, and never seen anything more majestic than a barnacle-covered whale. Until an honest-to-god mermaid gets stuck in his ship's exhaust port. 
Although intrigued by her beauty, he doesn't need another "crewman" cramping his style.  He smuggles her to Carl Rance, an old scientist friend, who discovers how her biology works, her origins, and if there are more of her. 
But when rumors of sinking ships start surfacing, Gene has to dive into a world of more than just mermaids -- a deviant geneticist, the sea-faring mafia, a silver ship with a rogue AI, and a secret that, in the wrong hands, could destroy the remainder of mankind.
Good enough for you?  Still want to read?  Then patronize this fine establishment to partake of its wares.  Patronize it, I say!

And thank you to everyone who helped me along this road.  Now I can tell people I do have a book out.  I'm a published author!

Does this mean I don't have to blog anymore?

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