Two Days to Merm-8 Release!

If I was a smarter man, I would have planned this better.  Have some kind of countdown extravaganza to the release of my book.  You know, the one that I've been working on this whole time?  The whole purpose of this eight-year-old blog?  You'd think I have a bigger promotion or anticipation around it.  Instead I'm playing Netflix spoiler roulette.  (I got up to six without regret, and figured I should stop there, since that's as many bullets as in a revolver).

Also, I'm saving up some of my mermaid content for my guest blog articles.  And of course, I'll be posting links to those here, when they come up.  I guess I'm waiting for the book to actually be released -- in my experience, it's not real until AFTER it actually happens.  Until then, it's all speculative.

But for right now, go look at all the Ariel pictures on Pocket Princesses, mermaid pictures on DeviantArt, and re-read the tale that started it all, now with annotations so you can impress your friends.