Let's Laugh at the Guy Who Doesn't Know Marvel Comics (Part 2)

I have no idea who this is, but he's cooler than I expected.  I may be wrong, but he seems to fly the fastest.  His color is red, a primary color, but darkened in hue, so I'm not sure if he's a good guy or a bad guy.  My guess would be good, because beetles are rather weak and underdoggish, like ants and spiders.  Not big predators like Rhino or scary-sounding aliens like Skrull and Kurse.  I think he may be a man in a suit, like Iron Man, because he can shoot missiles.

Black Bolt
I am not sure what his deal is.  He can fly and shouts at people.  Like literally bolts of screams that beat people up.  If I didn't have foreknowledge from the handful of Marvel comics I've read, I would have thought he's a bad guy.

Black Cat
She's basically Catwoman.  Same off-on relationship status with Spider-Man, same cat-based thievery MO, same conflicts involving secret identities.  Except I don't recall her having claws and "super sense".  Just this grapple thing that somehow made her faster than me in "Spider-Man 2" (PS2).

Black Panther
I think this guy is some sort of African-American superhero, which was a novelty when he was created, I guess.  But... did you really want to name him Black Panther?  Aren't there implications with that?  Also, I wonder if he really does have a pet cat (one of the side mission involves escorting his kitty back to him).  At first I thought he was a Batman pastiche, but he seems to be more a superhero for the black audience.  Like Black Lightning.  And it doesn't seem he's got any more powers than Beast -- claws, super-sense, smartness -- so I don't know what the big deal is.

Black Widow
The hot redhead who didn't get her own movie because she's a girl.  Damn Hollywood, always keeping the girl down.  Guns seem out of place in a game full of superheroes.  Plus they're huge and it's more fun to smash through guys and turn them into plastic bits.  I assume she gets a "cloaking device" (invisibility) because she's a spy, but I never see her doing much spy stuff.  Somehow, being just a human, she holds her own with the other Avengers.

Not Wesley Snipes.  Uses a sword (that he can throw, tsk, tsk) and fights vampires because he kinda is one.  But not really.  Also, there aren't really any vampires in this game.  Or night.  So his inclusion is kinda weird.  Seems kinda dark for this game.

Unrelated to The Blob.  The movies keep it kinda ambiguous whether his power is being fat and thus bulletproof, or a guy who's bulletproof but got overweight.  He's one of the X-Men's enemy.  He must be some kind of henchmen, but I don't know if he's got any relationship for Magneto.  I wonder what his presence says about the obesity problem.

I think his power is being super-accurate with anything he throws.  Mostly he throws cards, like Gambit.  Though in the video game, he's not as accurate as advertised.  One of Daredevil's primary enemies.

Captain America
Classic Captain America is very blue.  He's one of those stupid characters that has a "key" no one else has -- his shield.  So you need to switch to him at least once a level in Free Play, which I'm not fond of, because I dislike the boy scout.  He's just a guy with a military background.  It seems to me that someone working in the army would have an offensive weapon, not defensive.

Captain Britain
Captain America's British equivalent (as far as I can tell).  Comes with a sweet looking Mini with the Union Jack painted on it.  But unlike his counterpart across the pond, he's got super-powers like crawling up walls and shooting white-red-blue energy blasts.  I have to assume he's a good guy, not a rival.  But I would like to know where he got these powers from, and why he seems so different from Steve Rogers.

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