Top Posts of 2014

Yeah, I know this isn't exactly timely.  I got sidetracked by vacation and then super-sidetracked by trying to figure out how to cull the damn data I needed.

Once again, Morgan Smith Goodwin is the winner.  People love that red-headed burger-slinger.  After that, it's the "Analyzing the Disney Villains" intro, and then "Milk & Honey".  After that are newcomers Mother Gothel and Maleficent round the Top Five.

Nothing from this year even cracked the Top Twenty Most Visited.  Dr. Facilier's analysis clocks in at twenty-three and the next doesn't occur until 73 (Ursula).  Others from this year include favorite Disney animated moments (#112), analyzing Rourke (#116) and Snow White's Evil Queen (#120).

Here's what I can't figure out.  I received a significant peak on July 17, but I can't figure out why.  I didn't post anything controversial that day.  The traffic patterns don't deviate from the norm.  Everything looks like the same patterns as the year.  Did Wendy's come out with a new ad campaign then or something?  Did they add more MSG?

Get it?  MSG?

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