The Day That Never Comes

You ever have those days where everything on your body itches? Like little gnats are nipping you? Or spots of your skin are dry? And then you get irritated and depressed? I feel like that these days. Even though I'm writing like a madman, I feel like I'm making no progress. I've got 100,000 words of written prose that won't see the light of page, it's all fan fiction. Plus it's nowhere near done yet.

Plus my acceptance rate's been low. My high was 17% at one time. Now it's steadily dropped to 4% in the last six months. Haven't been getting feedback from any agents or ideas. It's been very blah.

One good thing that happened is that 50 Foot Romance did finally get published by Stupefying Stories. And I'm the cover story, see?

That's Jessica right there. Pretty cool when you see your characters live. I can't wait till I'm big enough to get fan art.

But yeah, besides that, it feels like a dry spell. Musa folded, so I'm shopping two manuscripts at the same time. Only three of the nine short stories I'm shopping around have never been published, and I can't figure out what's wrong with those three. I've spent my last few months finishing Defender or working on the Merm-8 galleys or a novella that I don't know what to do with. There's only one me and only so many hours in the day.

All right, that's enough depression for one post. Here's a picture of Medusa blow-drying her hair.

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