Must Work Harder

Since I signed up for NerdCon, I've stopped proceeding on my princess fan fiction. I think I was burning out on it anyway -- I'd already written a novel's worth of text and still had a lot to go. Plus, I need to be productive. Real author's finish things, and I've had a hankering to see some finished work. Or at least to the point I can open the door. Luckily, I've been blessed with some inspiration lately that's been guiding me. It may not result in publishable stories, but I'll at least have some new stuff to add to Duotrope.

I'm finding I really need zero distractions if I'm going to write. At first, it's boring. I think, I need my music or white noise, I need imgur open to keep me stimulated/keep me from over-burning. But the fact is, once I'm distractionless, I get better writing done. Sad but true. It means it's better if I don't have the game on in the background, or double productivity by writing while walking on the treadmill.

You know what else? Ficly ended their production. I guess the stories are still archived, but I can't post there anymore. Can't log in. What's weird is that the front page doesn't indicate it. It has the "active" and featured stories still in its box. But I can't seem to search for my stories. Good thing I copied them down, like, three years ago.

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