My Fifth Grade Book Report on Black Beauty

Here's another classic from my archive -- a fifth grade book report on Black Beauty. I thought it'd be fun to take another look at this, given I just re-read it. Or, given my memory, read it for the first time.

Black Beauty is a auto-biography of a male horse. The horse's name is Black Beauty. The story tells about him from his breaking in to his home of the Earl of W---.

One chapter tells about Reuben Smith, Beauty's coachman at Earlshall. As the story explains Smith had one great fault: the love of drink (liquor). Reuben went a big party at a bar. He got so drunk that when they were going home he was wildly thrashing at Beauty. Black Beauty was forced to run across a rocky road. Along the way, one of Black beauty's shoes came off and he suffered terrible pain. At a point Beauty was forced to go no more. The sudden jerk hurled Smith to a patch of grass. He made one effort to get up and then let out a heavy groan.

At another chapter, By sheer coincidence, Beauty met Ginger, an old friend, on the street while pulling a cab. Ginger had changed a lot. To make a long story short she was very old and torn. She said that she wished she were dead to end her misery. At the end of the chapter Black Beauty sees a horse being carried off into the horizon. It looked like Ginger. He hoped it was so that her troubles may be over.

Reading this book gave me a total different view of horses as I see them today. I suggest this book to anyone who owns a horse to help him/her understand the horse better.

I enjoyed this book very much even though it was kind oflong. It was a enjoyable experience.

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