Dwarves Can't Climb Trees - Now Available for Pre-Order

So, I've decided to give self-publishing a try.  I wrote this 34,000 word novella, but as you might guess, it's impossible to get novellas published anywhere (unless you're a big attractive name).  Even the magazines on Duotrope max out at about 20-25,000 words.

So I figured this would be a good chance to dip my feet in the Kindle Publishing waters.  There's a lot to consider like Kindle Direct Publishing, KDP, filling out tax forms, waiting for the web site to update. I'll report back my findings and with any luck, I'll have some good news to report.
Vala has finally been invited to the sacred glen, where she and her friends will choose their husbands.  But Vala is less than thrilled -- no one wellborn is going to look twice at a farmer.

But the only way to beat the snooty, upper crust girls taking horses is to hike through the forest.  That's no place for mountain-dwelling dwarf folk, and her friends agree.  But better to have a few days of hardship than be miserable the rest of their lives.


A new take on "Stand by Me", "Dwarves Can't Climb Trees" is about friendship, bravery, and what it means to change from a girl to a woman.
Pre-Order! Pre-Order now! Do it or my children won't eat (snacks) ((this week))!

This puppy liked it.  She told me so.  Puppies are never wrong, are they?

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