Idea for Making Fantasy Football Better

I'm always thinking about how to make this game a little more than choosing some players and then waiting helplessly while they get fifty points one day and two points the next week.  I've said before how I wanted to have more agency, to act like I have more control over my team.  To apply some skill into the game.  And I came up with an idea.  Make it like an RPG.

You get equipment, armor, etc. through some means (quests or trivia questions, I don't know and it doesn't matter).  And with those, you can equip certain players.  Like give a "helmet" that gives double points for two-point conversions.  Or a "sword" that gives extra points for tackles.

Likewise, you can give other teams "curses".  Like a quarterback gets -5 points out of the gate.  Or for a kicker, field goals under 30 yards don't count.  The key is knowing when to put them on and who to put them on.

Or not, you know.  It's just a thought.

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