Unisex Toilets

I was thinking about North Carolina's bathroom bill (see Wikipedia entry) and the total backlash against it, what with touring music acts and writers cancelling their trips, decreasing their own revenue to take a stand. Even states are turning their backs, like a metaphysical Klingon dishonoring ceremony.

You can't make a bathroom for everyone. First women needed a separate one, then for blacks (which was repealed, but they're still around), then the disabled. In the future, I think we'll go "fuck it" and all bathrooms will be unisex, like in Ally McBeal. (Once we've evolved past neanderthal issues like harassment and perversion).

And in the future, some kid will ask his/her father "Dad, why are there always two bathrooms right next to each other even though they're the exact same?" And the father will explain. And the kid will say, "That's weird."

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