The Disney Princes

This was inspired by Pocket Princesses, a fan comic by Amy Mebberson, which was an inspiration for "Reprise". Everyone makes a big deal out of the Disney Princesses, but where's the love for the princes? It's with the princesses. Duh. That's why they're together.


Well, I've got to have something to make blog posts from.

So these won't be as comprehensive or analytic. There also won't be as many of them since, while most Disney movies contain a villain, not all include a prince. Also, there's a big difference between "prince" and "male protagonist/deuteragonist", and that's key. Not all Disney princes are of royal lineage, but they have to be involved with the female protagonist. These are the movies that won't be covered.
You got a problem with any of these decisions, cash me outside. How bou dah?

Princes will be judged subjectively on the following material:

Check for updates to see who's the first to take the stage.

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