Pizza is Like a Marriage

Pizza is like a marriage. First you've got your crust. That's your foundation--it's what you're going to put all of your stuff on. That's your trust & faith, your respect, your fairness (uniformity of ingredients... in that its mostly flour), your toughness (it's dough), your patience (takes time for that dough to rise). You know the person is who they say they are. Their personality is consistent, they keep their promises, and not going to run away during lean or hard times. It does not contain love, love goes in the next layer. The crust may not taste very good, but it's got to be there, or else it's not a pizza.

Then you've got your sauce layer. That's the passion. Sauce contains the sugar, water, herbs (maybe a little, maybe a lot). It's the most flavorful part of the pizza. It's zippy and zesty. For the most part all sauces are made of the same basic ingredients, but one can taste wildly different from another. I like a lot of sauce on my pizza. Too little sauce and you've just got cheese bread. But the sauce has got to be tempered. That's why you cheese goes on top and not in the middle like some weird sandwich.

Cheese is the fun. Cheese is doing a puzzle together. It's being separate but together in the same room. It's snuggling. It's stupid little jokes or working together to unclog the drain or one recharging the other when you're depressed or strategizing how to deal with the kids. Cheese is mostly fat/grease and, as far as foodstuffs go, not really a necessary part of diet. It's meant to help stomach the bland crust and zesty tomato sauce. You can survive by eating a cheeseless pizza, but then what's the point? It's not really a pizza, is it?

And then there are toppings. Those are all the little bits of added flavor. It's a spontaneously coming home with flowers or that vacation to Disney. Some people like a pizza with no toppings. Some like weird toppings. Both are fine. It's a pointed fact that in the history of mankind, no two people have ever been able to agree on the toppings for pizza. But you can agree on what toppings you don't want. Some toppings you like more than others. Sometimes it's necessary to get half and half if you just can't get to a point of compromise. But most agree that a pizza with toppings is preferable. Again, not necessary to make a pizza, but it adds desirability and value.

And I don't know what kind of marriage this is.
The famous "none pizza with left beef"

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